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Congratulations on joining the

"Winter Wellness Walkabout" 

  • Embark on a journey to a healthier you through achievable goals and witness your progress throughout the challenge.

  • Connect with us and get answers to your questions by contacting 803.979.1341.

  • Be sure to hashtag #TwelveOakWalkabout and wear your shirt to connect with other participants!

  • Wear your shirt as entry to the fun celebration for completing the challenge on January 28th.

Entry Price: $40

(just $1 per mile walked!)

- After Party    - T-Shirt

- Food Ticket  - Live Music

- Local Vendors

(Guests are welcome without doing the challenge.  Food is available for purchase for guests.)

***If there are payment issues, you may need to easily check out as a guest.   Your payment will reflect the store "Events by Snow". 

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