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Winter Wellness Walkabout 

A 20 Day Challenge with a Final Party 

Walking begins Monday, January 1 - January 28

Twelve Oak Estate

Walkabout Afterparty

12pm - 3pm

125 Kittal Rd. Lexington, SC 29073

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🌟 Welcome to a Fresh Start at Twelve Oak Estate! 🌟


The Goal

- Walk 2 Miles for 20 Days (between Jan 1 - Jan 28)

- Document your walk with #TwelveOakWalkabout

- Start 2024 with Good Energy and Clear Your Mind

- Enjoy the Walkabout Afterparty on Jan. 28 (12pm-3pm)

Embark on a transformative 28-day wellness journey with us this January! 🌟


Lace up January 1st and commit to a daily 2-mile walk, totaling 40 miles by January 28th. On the grand finale, join us for a celebratory two-mile walk at Twelve Oak Estate, followed by post-walk festivities—delicious treats, refreshing drinks, and uplifting tunes. It's your chance to celebrate achievements, connect with others, and start the year on an energized note. 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🌳🎉

A Sweet T-Shirt (your ticket to the event)

Food Truck Entrée 

Music Entertainment

2 Mile Walk on Twelve Oak Estate's Nature Trail (Approximately 30-40 min)

Alcohol / Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Purchase

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Register WWW

Register Now!
Winter Wellness Walkabout

Start the New Year with everyone at Twelve Oak Estate! 

The purchase of your shirt is your ticket to the event! But be sure to wear it on some of your walks that you post!




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